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Nagoya University International Student Group

We are a student-led organization representing Nagoya University’s international G30 Program. Established in 2011, NUISG has continuously aimed at creating a comfortable environment for international students at NU.



  • To create content that encourages interaction between the G30 student body, alumni, faculty, and faculty

  • To provide quick, accurate, and useful information to G30 students

  • To promote interaction between G30 and other student bodies in NU

Vision & Values

  • Community

  • Initiative

  • Support

  • Respect

  • Interdependence


Meet the Team

We do not have a strict hierarchy within the organization - we do not have “officers” who run things. Instead, we have leaders and members for each project. We believe in the limitless potential of all our members to lead and work together to succeed in organizing projects.

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