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Nudge! July 2021 Issue is out now!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well, and enjoying a strong end-of-sem run (and for the 2025 batch, hope you all are having fun preparing to come join us in Japan!)

NUISG presents the first and only international student-run newsletter in Nagoya University: Nudge!!! 🤏🥳

Dive right in and give yourself a little Nudge, while reading engrossing student stories and immersive articles written by our talented members! ❤️

In this issue you’ll find a very heart-warming story from Cassandra (2019 batch) about the adventures she faced while living in Japan; a precious review from a Michelin star restaurant right in the center of our campus; and a very thought-provoking article about the importance of hobbies in our lives! As you gratify yourself with these amazing articles, in our newsletter you will also find all the important announcements and dates for the next month to keep you updated! 🌟

Did you think that’s all? Wait,... there's more! 😮 We also have an exciting joyride for you! Keep yourself entertained with the gripping crossword puzzle, while also having a chance to win a 🏆brand-new 🏆NUISG Summer merchandise for free! Be the first one to submit the puzzle and win hot prizes from NUISG!🎁

You definitely didn’t expect this? Did you?? 😏 Excited?? Then access the link below and enjoy your first Nudge!

Have something in mind to share? Want to be part of the next issue? Then send an article to our email: 💌


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